Launching March 2020

Simon is an international bestselling author of over 30 historical novels.

The Damned Emperors Series: Caligula and Commodus

"Gripping, emotional, and authentic. The best Roman novel I've read in a long time. Simon Turney is one of the best historical novelists out there." ―Christian Cameron, author of KILLER OF MEN

"Energetic and intelligent" - Mary Beard, Professor of Classics at Cambridge

Marius Mules SeriesThe Invasion of Gaul; The Belgae; Gallia Invicta; Conspiracy of Eagles; Hades' Gate; Caesar's Vow; Prelude to War; The Great Revolt; Sons of Taranis Pax; Gallica; Fields of Mars; Tides of War; and Sands of Egypt

"Rich with gory battle scenes and dramatic espionage." - Kirkus Reviews

"Action that any HBO Series would envy" - Parmenion Books 

The Praetorian SeriesThe Great Game; The Price of Treason; Eagles of Dacia; and Lions of Rome


"Entertaining, exciting and beautifully researched" - Douglas Jackson

"From the Legion to the Guard, from battles to the deep intrigue of court, Praetorian: The Great Game is packed with great characters, wonderfully researched locations and a powerful plot." - Robin Carter

Tales of the Empire SeriesInterregnum; Ironroot; Dark Empress; Insurgency; Emperor's Bane; and Invasion


Knights Templar Series: Daughter of War; The Last Emir; and City of God  


'Turney masters politics, pace and pursuit in this death-defying twelfth-century story ... stunning story-telling’ - Prue Batten, author of The Triptych Chronicle Trilogy

The Ottoman Cycle SeriesThe Thief's Tale; The Priest's Tale;  The Assassin's Tale;  and The Pasha's Tale


Simon is also a co-author of four historical novels including A Song of War; and A Year of Ravens: A Novel of Boudica's Rebellion.