The Roman Forum was at the center of Ancient Rome; both literally and metaphorically.  It was the site of Rome's most important religious, political and social activities which gave rise to not only many of its most impressive Temples and Monuments, but also its greatest stories. 

Join BARDEUM and venture back to 91 AD during the reign of Emperor Domitian.  He has ordered the death of the Vestal Maxima Cornelia.  Step inside the Story™ of these true events and follow the Vestal Ravinia through the Forum as her unfolding secrets intertwine with a plot to assassinate the Emperor. 


As the experience guides you through the Forum, learn of Rome’s history, daily life, the history of the temples and monuments, the role of women, particularly the Vestal Virgins and much more.  See digital reconstructions of the monuments as they were 2000 years ago.


Let us help bring the Roman Forum from a field of rubble to a place teeming with life.


Due to graphic descriptions, this experience is recommended for ages 13 and up.





     Our story takes place in the year of the Consulship of Manius Acilius Glabrio and Marcus Ulpius Tajanus in the reign of the Emperor Domitian. It is the 844th year since the founding of Rome.  The same year will later be renamed by Christians as 91 A.D.  


     At this point in history, Rome is a vast metropolis of more than a million people.  Its empire stretches over Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia and Africa.  Over the course of almost a thousand years, the tiny settlement on the Palatine Hill grew from a small Kingdom to an imposing Republic and now stands just over a century into Imperial Rule.

     The Forum is the focus of Roman political and religious activity.  Its temples are central to maintaining relationships with their Gods. Roman religion is not about believing but rather, doing.  Rituals and traditions, are considered critical to keeping advantageous connections with the Gods.

     One of the oldest and most important priesthoods of Rome is the Vestals, the female representatives of the Goddess Vesta.  Their purity is a central tenet to their role in appeasing the Gods. 

     Nine years into the reign of the Emperor Domitian, rumors swirl as to his cruelty and instability.  Following a recent revolt attempt, Domitian’s paranoia is said to have grown tenfold.  He has begun taking extreme measures to maintain control. The Vestal Maxima Cornelia has been made his example. 


     As rumor has it, Domitian’s spies delivered to him news of Cornelia’s broken vows of chastity.  Claiming that her acts have angered the Gods thereby endangering all Roman citizens, Domitian orders Cornelia’s execution.  


     There are many who do not believe Cornelia’s fate is about religion, but rather politics and control.  Domitian has shown a growing desire for a monarchy.  This is of grave concern to many members of the Senate. 

     These are dangerous times.  Domitian has spies everywhere.  No one feels safe from his wrath – particularly the Vestals...

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