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At the conclusion of an exclusive after-hours tour, the body of docent Charles Kettner is found bludgeoned on the floor of the magnificent Great Hall. 


To find his killer, Detective Nate Coleman must re-enact the fateful tour.  What he learns about authenticating masterpieces and Renaissance Art may be key to solving Mr. Kettner's murder.  An Agatha Christie style murder mystery recommended for ages 10 and up.





The magnificent great hall of the Detroit Institute of Arts is crowded with police. Thirty minutes earlier, the body of 68 year old volunteer docent, Charles Kettner, was discovered lifeless, sprawled across the marble floor. The preliminary cause of death, is acute subdural hematoma, likely caused by a severe blow to the back of the head.  The murder weapon is believed to be a large medieval candlestick found lying next to the body. 

Mr. Kettner had been leading a private after-hours tour for five museum VIPs.  The tour guests, in town to celebrate the unveiling of a newly acquired 16th century painting by Paolo Veronese, include Celia Stewart, the paintings owner; Trey Cunningham, her adult son; Samantha Baldwin, a curator and provenance expert from Sotheby’s; Sir Nigel Harrington, an art scholar from Oxford, England; and Carl Frontero, a well-known art conservator.  There is no sign of a break-in.  The five VIPs have been secured a level below in the Kresge Court.

Nate Coleman, a veteran detective with the Detroit Police Department has arrived on scene and is conferring with Sergeant Olivia Mitchell, when a short, heavyset older woman rapidly marches in their direction.  With her hair done up tightly in a bun and wearing horn-rimmed glasses, she gives the impression of having just stepped out of the nineteen sixties.

“Oh, Detective!  Detective!” She calls out as she hurries toward them.  “I believe I can be of help, Detective!  I am Doris Schuster, the head docent – Charlie’s supervisor.”

“Mrs. Schuster, were you a part of this evening’s tour?” Nate asks.

“Oh, no, no. Detective.  That’s just it.  I had to come as soon as I heard.  There was no tour scheduled for this evening.  This was completely off the books!” 

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